Core Competencies

Next Day Printed Tees is a family owned 18 person screen printing and embroidery company located in Southern California/Chula Vista. This year we are celebrating our 26th year in business. Specific work we do is:

  • Graphic Design for any digital need.
  • Applique/Twill Design for Embroidery
  • Supply and Print or Embroider T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, shorts or any other type of material.
  • Embroidery onto Polo shirts and or any other type of material
  • Beach Towel and oversized garment printing.


Next Day Printed Tees has two areas of expertise that make us stand out from our competitors:

  • Fast turn-a-rounds. If we get a rush order in by 10:00 am, we can produce up to 4,000 shirts with a one color print by the end of the following business day. Multi-colored prints will take longer.  Most orders are processed within 4 to 5 business days.
  • Oversized Press. Very few screen printers have a printing press with a 23” x 48” image size. In the summer, we print an average of 1000 beach towels per day.
  • We are able to discharge most dark towels and or apparel.  We are also able to use waterbase ink for lighter color applications.
  • Two Color Numbers—If your customer needs two color numbers, we can screen print, 2-color numbers in 4”, 6”, 8” 10” and 12” sizes.

Our Facility

In 2011, after 20 years in business, we were proud and excited to move into our new 10,000 square foot industrial unit in Chula Vista, California. It is a big step for a small business to be able to purchase their own building, and we owe a debt of gratitude to our customers, along with our suppliers and especially to a great “family” of loyal workers who have been work with us through the good times and the bad. We dedicate this building to them and all their hard work

Production Capabilities

Next Day Printed Tees (N.D.P.T.) is located in Chula Vista, California, approximately 9 miles from downtown San Diego. It is a fully self-contained printing operation. Occupying approximately 10,000 square feet, N.D.P.T. can receive preliminary designs by FAX or e-mail, scan them into the primary art computer and manipulate them to produce a screen ready design. The design can then be e-mailed to the customer for approval.  Our operation machinery are listed below.

  • 2015 M&R SportsMan 10 Color Automatic Press
  • 1991 Javelin 6 Color Automatic Press
  • 2008 TAS 6 Color Jumbo/Oversized Press
  • 4 Manual Hand Operated Presses
  • 2 M&R Sprint 28 ft. gas dryers that are “piggy-backed” onto each other to give us 26 feet of hot air for efficient drying of plastisol, discharged and water based inks
  • 2004 Barudan 6 Head Embroidery Machine
  • 2008 Barudan 1 Head Embroider Machine
  • 2022 Barudan 6 Head Embroidery Machine