A Next Day Printed Tees Story

N.D.P.T. is the fourth screen printing company organized by management. The first was Autumn Graphics of Guam, began in 1976. It was sold to an investor in September of 1978. In 1979, management then purchased the assets of Shirt Tales Silk Screening located in San Diego, California. The name was changed to Autumn Graphics, and garments were produced for the surfing and tourist industry under the name of Wave Technology.

After an estimated five million garments had been printed, the printing facilities were then sold to the executive vice-president in 1986. Management then moved operations to Chula Vista and began working out of their home. In 1991, a Business Plan was developed based on next day service for custom shirts. Investors were approached and all shares were sold in an initial stock offering. Next Day Printed Tees opened for business in April 1991.

In July 1994, they moved into a 2400 square foot facility in industrial park in Chula Vista, California. In May of 1996, they expanded into the adjoining space, doubling their size. In 2000, they moved the entire company down the street into a 6,000 square foot facility. In May of 2003, Next Day Printed Tees opened an embroidery facility called Southern California Embroidery Works. Which in total occupied over 10,000 square feet of production and sales space.

In April 2011, Next Day Printed Tees moved into their own modern facility located in the Chula Vista Commerce Center, on Main Street in Chula Vista, California. This built from scratch production facility is capable of producing 4,000 shirts, 2,000 towels and 200 Embroidered items daily. The current footprint is 11,000 square feet of total space, including 1,000 square feet of showroom space. Currently we run 3 automatic printing machines. Including a 6 color Javalin, 10 color M&R and a 6 color oversize TAS towel printer. Along with 3 manual presses with 2.75″ , 4″ , 6″, 8″ 10″ and 12″ one and two color numbering capabilities. Our embroidery dept runs two, 6 heads and one, 1 head machine for samples.

In December of 2014, Chris and his wife Annette, bought the outstanding shares not owned by family members. In January of 2015, Tim and Jane took a back seat in the day-to-day management of the company and turned daily operations over to Chris.

We are proud of our progress over the past 31 years and hope that the next 25 years will be full of rewarding challenges and continued healthy growth.

Chris Lewis

Managing Partner